What Could You Benefit From? 

Therapy For The Broken Woman

Traumatic situations can leave you feeling broken, empty, and unfulfilled. You have strengths and abilities but you focus more on your weaknesses. Your pain is beginning to be too much to manage. The broken woman believes that she is undeserving of anything good. 


You will learn unique coping skills. In therapy, we will explore those uncomfortable topics that you've been avoiding. You will rediscover yourself, recharge your strength, and stand bold in your abilities.

Signs that you maybe experiencing brokenness:

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Comparing yourself to others

  • Breakups/Separation/Divorce

  • Feeling unfulfilled

  • You only see the negative in your personal situations

  • You feel like you're not enough

  • Loneliness


Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

Does your mind race with worries and fears? You attempt to stop overthinking but sometimes it feels impossible? Having some level of anxiety in your everyday life is normal, however, when it becomes difficult to control, it can become increase your frustration level and irritability. You may notice that you developed negative scenarios in your head and assuming the worst is going to happen. It can be hard to shut it off, leaving you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted. These symptoms can prevent you from living your best life. You may start to have difficulties in your relationships and every day functioning. 


The good thing is, you can learn to develop more balance thoughts, face uncertainty head on and learn coping skills specifically design for you. In therapy, we will collectively explore the root cause of your anxiety, establish effective ways to manage your symptoms, and implement tools to gain relief.

Factors that may contribute to your Stress and Anxiety

  • Change

  • Loss of Job

  • Stress at work

  • Loss or Grief (Death/Miscarriage/Abortions/ Stillborns)

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Financial obligations

  • Lack of Resources

  • Caregiving

  • Relocating

  • Lack of Support

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

I'm Feeling Unfulfilled

If you are ambitious, you have many dreams but don't know how to accomplish them. You like your current place but deep down you desire so much more. To everyone else, you seem successful but privately you identify yourself as a failure.


1:1 coaching includes finding motivation, dream/vision casting, and mindset shifting. You'll learn to recognize and free yourself from some of your own excuses that actually create being stuck.

Signs that I'm stuck:

  • Your creative juices aren't flowing

  • You're busy but not productive

  • You feel drained, all of the time

  • You talk about your dream but you're taking little action

  • You find yourself wasting time frequently